You ask, we answer.

Modwood have been supplying and installing dental cabinets for around fifty years and in that time we’re often asked the same questions over and over.  With that in mind, below you’ll find the most frequently asked questions we answer.    If you don’t see what you need, please get in touch and we’ll answer any queries you may have.

Can I have any size cabinets?2019-08-08T01:46:12+00:00

As we make all our cabinets ourselves in house, clients can have any size that meets their requirements.  Modwood are one of the few companies that can offer a truly bespoke cabinet and surgery refit, made to fit every corner or nook.

What colour options are available for your cabinets?2019-08-08T01:45:23+00:00

Where do we start?!.   Each cabinet and work surface is available in a range of colours.  We advise to choose the surface material  first and then the colour. We have a several materials to choose from including  laminate, 1mm acrylic , Parapan, corian, hanex, avonite, lg hi macs, and 6mm painted glass.  Please do contact us for further information on each product.

Do you provide CAD (Computer-Aided Design) drawings with each cabinet installation project?2019-08-08T01:42:23+00:00

Modwood provide customers with designs for our bespoke cabinets that are drafted to be a perfect fit for each individual dental surgery or practice.   All designs are carefully considered to ensure the workspaces are maximised, cabinet space as efficient as possible, and with dental drawers positioned so they are exactly where they should be in relation to the dental practitioner(s).

What is your usual delivery time on your dental cabinets?2019-08-08T01:41:52+00:00

As we have total control over our dental cabinets we can normally meet all our clients’ delivery expectations.   The usual time frame is 2 weeks from confirmation of order.  If you have a deadline or a specific date please let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Do you offer a fitting service for your cabinets and furniture?2019-08-08T01:40:49+00:00

We have a dedicated cabinet installation team who are experts in all areas of dentistry refits, decontamination rooms and surgery cabinets.  The Modwood team excel in efficiency and tidiness.

If we use Modwood’s fitting service does this delay delivery time?2019-08-08T01:39:58+00:00

The short answer is no!     As we install the vast majority of dentist and surgery cabinets ourselves we are not reliant on external fitters, and the only obstacle is setting a suitable date to install your new dental cabinets.

Can we install our dental cabinets ourselves?2019-08-08T01:38:55+00:00

Modwood can provide all of our products delivered to site for clients to install.   However, we’d recommend you take advantage of our expert team of installers who have many years experience in the dental and healthcare sectors.

Do your dental cabinets comply to health and safety guidelines?2019-08-08T01:37:43+00:00

At Modwood we comply to all current health and safety guidelines and are continuously keeping abreast of new guidelines.

Is it just dentistry cabinets you supply?2019-08-08T01:37:01+00:00

Not at all.  We don’t just supply cabinets to the dental industry. Modwood can supply all types of medical cabinets and bespoke units, even bedroom furniture.   We also offer Bespoke front reception desks and toilet cubicles to name but a few of our products!

I can’t find anything on your website that meets my requirements2019-08-08T01:35:07+00:00

Not a problem, just tell us what you need.  Whether it’s cabinets, dental furniture accessories or otherwise, we’ll have something to suit your requirements.  We often work with clients own plans and own ideas!  There is not much we are unable to achieve in the cabinetry world.